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Sell your old mobile phone

Selling your old mobile phone is now very easy with Fibio. With us, you get up to twice as much for your mobile phone.

Sell your old phone in 3 easy steps

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See value of your mobile phone

Use the search box at the top of the page to find your mobile. Then answer the questions about the condition of the mobile phone and you will see what we pay for it.

Preparing your device for delivery

Enter your name, address, and Swish number & get an email with delivery instructions. Display the QR code for Postnord to print your waybill. Simply pack your mobile, and if the value changes upon review, you can return it for free.

We check and pay

When we receive your mobile phone, we check that it matches the information you provided on our website. When it is ready, we will make the payment to you with Swish or account transfer.


Step 1
Search your phone model


Our customer’s experience

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